Atlas of Clinical Fungi – Neue Auflage 2020


Herausgeber und Autor Professor Sybren de Hoog hat für 2020 eine neue und komplett aktualisierte und erweiterte Auflage des Werks „Atlas of Clinical Fungi“ angekündigt. Dieses einzigartige Standardwerk ist für alle Mykologen eine unverzichtbare Unterstützung in der täglichen Arbeit. Die Nachfrage ist schon jetzt sehr groß. Mit einer Vorbestellung können Sie sich Ihr Exemplar sichern.  Für die Ansichtsseiten klicken Sie bitte HIER. 

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Highly recommended!

Fungal diversity in patients

In classical routine, yeasts, filamentous fungi, and dermatophytes are the main groups. But the Atlas of Clinical Fungi illustrate that many remarkable fungi can cause opportunistic infections. For many less known genera, an explanatory chapter is included, showing the fungi in their natural habitat. This may be mushroom growing on dung, a stone-hard fungus on a trunk, colorful networks on animal hairs, or other unexpected appearances. The clinician will be stunned about the fungal diversity in his patients.

A new, completely revised, full-color version of the Atlas of Clinical Fungi, the world’s most famous handbook on fungi of medical and veterinary relevance, is now available online. The website’s database has several comfortable search options, using names, diseases or any other parameter as key words. Information can be found here. You can subscribe to the Atlas as of today.

The Atlas was first published as a book in 2000. And now, 20 years later, the book will be printed again, and in full color. It contains about 3000 pages in 3 volumes, with more than 600 photo plates in full color, chapters on diagnostic methods, antifungals, recommended therapy, phylogeny, and explanatory chapters on major fungal groups. With over 7000 references, the book follows the current literature until today, covering all 675 species that have been proven to be able to cause infection in humans and other vertebrates since the beginning of medical mycology in 1840. All fungal names used in medical publications can be found. The book is a must for every diagnostic laboratory.

Please note that for the book pre-ordering is highly recommended. Your early order will be rewarded with 10% reduction on the list price (to be determined). The stock of the book will be limited!

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