3rd Essential Diagnostics’ List Launch


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3rd Essential Diagnostics’ List Launch

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Thanks so much for all your efforts on World Aspergillosis Day this past week. There were ‚live‘ events in Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Brazil, Paraguay, Vietnam, Indonesia and the UK. In Indonesia a series of 3 sessions were held, the last on January 30th. Overall, Over 2000 people participated, which is excellent. In addition, information mailings were done in France, Austria, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Portugal and Iran that I know about, probably in other countries. A first Global meeting in Mycology is planned in Mali.
As know from my last mail, the 3rd Essential Diagnostics List (EDL) was launched by the WHO on January 29th, and includes Aspergillus antigen, Aspergillus antibody and Pneumocystis PCR. If these tests are not already available in your country, please make this known to your Ministry of Health and if you can, find a route to listing these tests are covered by public health insurance and listed on your country EDL https://www.gaffi.org/media/news/ If you need a letter or zoom call with anyone to support you, please let us know. We are not planning to apply for any other diagnostic tests to be on the EDL, so this list will stick for years to come.
In other recent news, Felix Bongomin and colleagues published a systematic review of tinea capitis in African children – 138 million affected: https://www.gaffi.org/138-million-school-age-children-in-africa-have-fungal-scalp-infection-affecting-education-and-leading-to-social-stigmas-medical-experts-say/
We are now engaged in writing the GAFFI annual report for 2020. Please could you let me have any information and photos from your country activities. We are particularly keen to know if you have new diagnostics and/or antifungals registered, listed on your country EML, and/or included in the public health insurance.

I look forward to hearing from you over the next few days.
Best regards

Dr David W. Denning
Chief Executive
Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections
Professor of Infectious Diseases in Global Health, University of Manchester
Rue Le Corbusier 12, 1208 Geneva, Switzerland
Bridge House, Ashley Road, Hale, Altrincham WA14 2UT, UK

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